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100 things that made my year (2022)

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  1. Watching Bo Burnham’s Inside at Bremen
  2. Establishing a morning omelet routine
  3. Going play squash
  4. Rebuilding my website
  5. Big hiking tour near Lobetal and grandma’s boulettes as trail snack
  6. Evening skateboarding
  7. Installing Philips hue lighting
  8. The ups and downs of apartment hunting, the right one will come…
  9. Keeping a diary
  10. My Pentel brushpens and the ink colors blue, pink, and yellow
  11. Banana peanutbutter ice cream at Hokey Pokey
  12. Making continuous line drawings and blind line portraits
  13. Joining the Mastodon art server and doing the daily Curator prompts
  14. Creating urban sketches of Erfurt
  15. Turning snippets I would have thrown away in the past into memories in my notebook
  16. Tape and magazines collages
  17. Trying oil pastels
  18. A garden party with creative activities in Prenden
  19. Taking advantage of the 9-Euro-Ticket
  20. Observing planes flying to NY on Flightradar24
  21. A bike tour to Rieselfelder
  22. Taking photos in a photo booth with a good friend
  23. Stranger Things binge watching
  24. Getting an iPhone
  25. Watching Bo Burnham’s Inside for a second and third time
  26. Looking down on the suburbs of New York from the plane
  27. A bike tour through Manhattan
  28. Squirrels and baseball in Central Park
  29. Waking up in a tiny house in the nature
  30. Seeing the Bushwick Street Art
  31. Taking photos with my new iPhone
  32. Seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night at the MoMA
  33. Looking down on sparkling Manhattan from the Empire State Building
  34. Surviving COVID fatigue
  35. Creating art with Midjourney
  36. Geocaching and l’Osteria with grandma
  37. Picnicking at the Wuhle on a summer day
  38. Visiting Social Art Lab and learning to draw like Keith Haring and Joan Miró
  39. Enjoying the last summer on the balcony in Klsdrf
  40. Creating pixel art with the Pixel Studio app
  41. Seeing the S24 apartment for the first time without having a clue what will happen a day later
  42. Hasty apartment contract signing a day later
  43. Summer visit in Schwedt and spending an evening with my uncle
  44. Getting brackets and having to practice talking
  45. Getting rid of things in preparation of the move
  46. Getting the keys to our new apartment
  47. Spending the first night in our new apartment with cinema vibes and a first Masala Imbiss meal
  48. Interior planning with Pinterest and Figma and newspapers on the floor
  49. Deciding to have two tables in my room. Buying the big Fraii table for creative and private use. Buying Eiermann3 for home office use.
  50. Attending the Mensch und Computer
  51. Sharing the last moments @F40 outside with Momo
  52. Idea of the comic Cooper&Cooper is born
  53. One year Europace
  54. Being no longer alone as a UX role in my product team
  55. Meeting Pedram and speaking English
  56. IPad drawing
  57. Listening to Edwin Rosen
  58. Rushing over the Reeperbahn festival after making the fastest restaurant visit ever
  59. Experiencing Warhaus at the Elphi
  60. Jumping together in front of the 3D photo system on the EPK
  61. First gig of OSP at Röhre
  62. Moving Momo to S24 and observing him explore the new apartment
  63. Moving with all our stuff to the new apartment
  64. Having cafés around the corner
  65. Having a bar around the corner
  66. Having an Italian restaurant around the corner
  67. Having an organic store around the corner
  68. Having several tramlines around the corner
  69. Buying a golden bathroom mirror at the flea market
  70. Weißensee house entrances
  71. Getting coffee in the morning
  72. Feeling good with the creative mess on my new table
  73. Perfecting my FNP shelf plan, ordering it
  74. Participating the #Inktober challenge
  75. Putting magnetic paint on my wall
  76. Deciding to not paint over the magnetic paint, but leave it black
  77. Hanging my #Inktober artworks on my magnetic wall
  78. Having a library around the corner
  79. Housewarming and birthday party with many dear guests
  80. The instant camera photos taken at the party
  81. Caro’s oreo forest fruit and pinata smartie cake
  82. Getting an unexpected birthday package from Dresden
  83. Finalizing the kitchen interior
  84. Taking walks through Weißensee
  85. Hiking through Briesetal
  86. Deleting Instagram from my phone
  87. Studying the Fix und Foxi comics as inspiration for my own comic
  88. Reading Understanding Comic
  89. Finalizing and printing the Cooper&Cooper comic
  90. Europace christmas party
  91. Not being able to take my eyes off my new shelf
  92. Baking cookies on the first advent
  93. Having Mondays off
  94. Listening to John Moods in my room
  95. Watching John Moods live
  96. Practicing piano
  97. „Why don’t you come visit the ranch?“
  98. Listening to music: Burnham’s All eyes on me, Bilderbuch’s Gelb ist das Feld, Helado Negro’s Outside the Outside, Kate Bush’s Running up that hill, Fuffifufzich’s Zur Hilfe, Warhaus‘ Open window, Edwin Rosen’s Vertigo, Dayglow’s Can I call you tonight?, Alvvays‘ Bored in Bristol, The Haunted Youth’s Teen Rebel, Fountaines D.C.’s Big shot, Das Paradies‘ Verkleidet als Mensch,
  99. Momo walking out without leash for the first time in S24
  100. Christmas market visits with friends. Heissa Holzmarkt in particular
  101. New Year’s Eve and Krimidinner in Kiel